Frequently asked questions 
1. Are these masks washable ? 
Yes they are washable . The antiviral effect will last upto 30 washes and post that it can be used as a protective mask as well. Ideally you can wash it once in 4 to 5 days depending on usage. 
2. What does 1 package contain ? 
1 pack has 2 masks , 2 headbands and 1 pouch which all comes in a premium packaging.
3. How many times can the mask be reused ? 
The masks can be reused up till it lasts however the antiviral effect stays upto 30 washes post which the mask becomes a protective mask. 
4. Which colours are available in this pack of 2 ? 
Navy blue and black are the 2 colours available in this pack of 2 . 
5. Is the mask breathable ? 
Yes , the mask is breathable and very comfortable also. It passes all necessary test parameters too. 
6. What is the size of this mask ? 
This is a standard size for adults. It is adjustable with the help of headbands. One size fits all. 
7. Does this mask have a nose pin 
This mask comes with a unique design. It does not have a nose pin but it yet covers the nose.