Q&A: Shikhar Dhawan on lockdown fitness, zen, and Zero Risque masks

Written by Risque Fashion Ltd.


Posted on October 06 2020

Our masks are undoubtedly our best line of defence against the perils out there. We had a quick chat with Shikhar Dhawan on why Zero Risque masks stand out and how he kept fit during this quarantine.

Apart from the practices of regular sanitisation, masks are the equivalent of face shields in this affair. An essential safety accessory, masks have been technologically evolved and designed to match our active urban lifestyles. The Zero Risque mask, made by Kamadgiri Fashion Ltd., is a homegrown solution striving to bridge the gap between comfort, tech, and style with their creation. With India’s ace left-handed batsmen Shikhar Dhawan on their cover, the brand crafts FDA-approved products that are dermatologically-tested and skin-friendly.

We recently caught up with Shikhar Dhawan to understand what makes Zero Risque a dynamic solution to face-masks and how he’s kept cool and fit during the lockdown.


Tell us how your association with Zero Risque came about

Shikhar Dhawan: Masks today are not only quintessential figures of the ‘new normal’ but also essential lifestyle accessories. Given the current state of affairs, I find that Zero Risque meets every criterion for a great mask today – safety, style, and above all, comfort. It goes beyond what a contemporary mask would offer, which is why I made the decision to represent Zero Risque masks.

In terms of safety and style, what makes the Zero Risque mask stand out?

Shikhar Dhawan: First things first, safety. The masks pack an impressive Swiss technology called ‘Heiq Viroblock’. It’s also anti-viral and anti-bacterial. More so, it has two advantages: It can sling around your neck when not in use, and it can be adjusted. Which is great for athletes and those seeking flexibility with fitting and an extra dose of comfort. In terms of style, the packing and the anti-viral pouch certainly add a premium touch to it while the overall design is minimal and chic.